DB Engineers has created and made available a number of commercial packages for specific business requirements. Each is a complete application within itself but can also be expanded and customised to meet your exact needs:

> TrueXpro

An Enterprise Resource software solution for those who do Job Costing, Customer Relationship Management, Project Administration; or require Workflow Management and Business-to-Business tools.

As a management and cost control solution with web integration, TrueXpro helps you to plan, organise, monitor and control the progress of all jobs which make up your business processes.

TrueXpro provides a single environment in which you can pull together all relevant data associated with a project or enterprise from a variety of sources. The intuitive interface allows you to start analysing data and sharing your findings immedi ately.

> Vulnerable

Vulnerable is a Management Software solution for the protection and care of the vulnerable.

Abuse of the Vulnerable is totally indiscriminate, affecting millions of people all over the world, every day. We never think it will happen to us, but everyone knows someone it’s happened to.

Vulnerable offers a management solution that assists in the protection of the vulnerable through a unique program designed specifically to provide all the important “checks and balances” required to reduce and prevent the epidemic of abuse occurring from kindergarten level to aged care centres, amongst the disabled, boy and girl scout groups, sporting clubs and churches.

Organisations where basic human rights are meant to be upheld, will all benefit significantly from the utilisation of Vulnerable.

Vulnerable delivers efficient management tools for “duty of care” initiatives, a moral or legal obligation to ensure the safety or wellbeing of others, with respect and confidentiality.

> Events Manager

A planning and management tool that helps you plan, organise and run an event, group of events or festival - in fact a project of any size. A unique, powerful and flexible package that balances functionality with ease of use.

> JustPayroll

A stand-alone payroll processing package that handles complex wage allowances and time sheets. Can be interfaced with TrueXpro.